Crux Digital Pvt. Ltd., since its inception in 2009, was conceptualized to help organizations unify, integrate, analyze and supervise multi-vendor communication campaigns across all media. Over a single, technological platform, we give you a bird’s-eye view of your entire communication spread. Our framework boasts of a robust interface that can accommodate a comprehensive messaging portfolio and is also strangely flexible enough to shape and size itself in order to grow with your organization.


At CDPL, we shy not from being called a young organization, for we strive to remain young; with fresh ideas and enviable zeal. We aspire to be a part of our clients’ professional family; by working with them, instead of working for them. At CDPL, our titles are our base from where we stem, not our limitations.

Vaibhav Thirani (Tech Head)

Professionally coding to feed an obsession

Even when Vaibhav’s not coding, he’s planning his next code! Stuck mid-way in his first project in 2000, Vaibhav dove into the “rabbit’s hole” of programming, where he still remains, and gladly! 15 years later, he holds to credit an enviable portfolio, having worked with Indian and International clients of commendable repute.

Jatin Gokani (Biz Head)

In the business of business…

With nearly 17 years of experience under his sleeve, Jatin found his calling in CDPL. He often donned multiple roles swinging between Communications, Marketing, Branding, Client Servicing, Account Management, Sales Management and Business Development; mostly in the field of technological products, services and solutions. Across his career, Jatin has served both Indian and International, private and public sector clients.

The vision of Crux Digital Pvt. Ltd. is to demonstrate to the industry that the enterprise communications needs of an organization is unique to its brand,
which can be met with by building an interface for empowering clients with the utmost clarity to aid in planning, executing and measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns, both online and offline.
Crux Digital Pvt. Ltd. exists to create, provide and help to build upon a flexible
and unified technological platform for conducting micro and macro management functions for your enterprise’s communication needs, both, online and offline.
What draws us to the workplace each day, is the urge to discover our ability to beat the communication challenges that our clients are facing.
In addition to our skill-sets, we are armed with an array of professional values and work ethics; some of which can be best described us under:
  • We believe that if a solution is not simple enough, it is not creative enough.
  • We exist to overcome the limitations of what we have to offer, and explore the opportunities of what we can create to meet your needs.
  • We enter our workplace, believing that every adversity can and will be converted to an advantage for you.
  • We cultivate our own evolution as a function of your organization’s growth.
While our strategic and business objectives vary as we grow,
  • To become the industry benchmark on how enterprise communications should be handled.
  • To help enhance the operational effectiveness of your organization’s communications.
  • To be the most cost-effective service provider in the industry.
  • To provide the most responsive customer service in the industry, year-on-year.